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The Pirate's Anchor Editing Team and Advisor

Sports Staff

Jada Chase [Co-Editor]

I am co-editor of the Sports and Clubs section for the Pirate’s Anchor. I am a junior here at Highline. This is my first year here but have lived in Burien for three years. I play multiple sports but only gymnastics and softball for Highline. I like watching anime, eating, and sleeping on my freetime. The most important things in my life are FAMILY, God, and my education. I took journalism because I love writing and I believed journalism would be something I’d be interested in. I have five dogs that I love dearly. As well as three cats, that I don’t love as much as my dogs. Nothing matters more to me than my siblings.

Yvan Granil [Co-Editor]

I am a co-editor of the Sports and Clubs section and a Sophomore here at Highline. I really like this class because we can just talk about anything, and also my brother (Yuan) kinda wanted me to be here. I play basketball all the time, probably my first love. I mostly work on programs on the computer, research stuff about cars and other things. Just anything to keep me busy out of school. I like playing musical instruments also. I play the ukulele, and the guitar, I’ll say I’m “okay” at playing them. I keep my family as close as possible with me because they’re family. Trust and loyalty is uncommon these types of days. 

Yuan Granil

I am a staff writer and photographer for sports and clubs. I took journalism to build my skills with writing. I am currently in my last year of high school and excited to get out of here! I am currently an officer for two clubs, Marine Biology Club and KEY Club. I am also part of the track and field team and help out with volleyball. My hobbies outside of school are taking care of my sister, play volleyball in a club team, and just living life to the fullest. I am from the Philippines and moved here when I was eight years old. I am the oldest of the three and my zodiac sign is Cancer.

L.J. Faletogo

I am one of the staff writers of the Pirate’s Anchor. The reason why I joined journalism is because of our teacher Ms. Dowdy, she’s been my favorite teacher ever since I first came to highline. I’m a sophomore and I play football for Highline. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE music, it’s been a culture that I’ve been born into and grown up with. My family is the most important thing in my life and I would do anything for them, I do everything with my family.

Diego Espinosa


B-Town Life Staff

Cole Pedersen [Editor]

I’m a senior and the current editor of B-Town Life for Pirates Anchor and this is my first year being part of the journalism team! I was born and raised in the greater Seattle region, and plan to continue to live here once I get out of the military. Journalism is important to me because it’s the bedrock of any society that wishes to thrive, and free press is something there needs to be more of in our confusing and constantly shifting world. I enjoy being out-and-about and trying new things, especially with friends and family. I take care of my two year old behemoth of a cat named Keiko. I have a huge passion for all aspects of world history.

Monserrat Gonzalez

I am a staff writer of the Pirate’s Anchor. I took journalism because I want to get better at my writing. I am currently in the 12th grade and I live in Burien. I don’t do sports. For activities after school I go to the gym. A hobby I have is doing makeup. Something very important to me is my family because for me they are the only people who will support me no matter what and we are all very connected.

Gibran Nava Vazquez

I am a staff writer for B-town life. I like to know what's going on around Burien and students’ lives interest me. I am currently a junior. I'm not involved in any sport or activity at Highline High School. One of my hobbies is driving my motorcycle around. I live with my uncles. But I hope that I can go to Mexico soon so I can be with my mom because she is very important to me.

Hunter Ta

I am a reporter for the Pirate’s Anchor and a sophomore at Highline High School. I am a Burien resident and an immigrant from Vietnam. I took journalism because it was the only class that gives me a language arts credit in the only time slot that’s available for me, nonetheless I believe that Journalism is one of the most important aspects of a democratic society because it provides citizens the clarity and information that we all need to participate in our community and to be able to hold people accountable for their actions. My hobbies are writing, art, and maps both fictional and non-fictional.

Keeping Up With Highline Staff

Britt Sloan [Co-Editor]

I am a co-editor of the Pirate’s Anchor newspaper segment Keeping Up with Highline. I have always loved writing but I also have created a strong connection to the people in the class. I am a senior graduating in 2020. I play softball, I work at the Southcenter Sizzler, I am senior class president, and I am part of a community group called Urban Roots. I watch a lot of anime, read comics, and sleep. I have a cat named Socks.

Carlos Martinez [Co-Editor]

Alondra Soledad-Carreon

I am a staff Writer for Keeping Up With Highline. 

One thing that I like about journalism is that you can communicate with other people and always keep up with whatever is going on at the Olympic site and in B-town etc. I am currently a sophomore at Highline High School . I am also on the Highline cheer squad. My hobby is cheer. I am the only girl in my family I'm also the second youngest. One of my pet peeves are when people chew with their mouths open. Sorry, I just had to point it out.

Marilyn Bertrand Gomez

I am a staff writer for Keeping Up with Highline. One thing I enjoy about journalism is having the opportunity to work with other students and being up to date with everything that is going on at Highline and the city of Burien. I am currently a sophomore at Highline High School. I am not in any clubs or sports at Highline, but after school I either workout with some of my teammates from soccer or I am training with my soccer team. When I am not doing soccer usually my hobbies consist of exercising with close family members or soccer teammates. The importance of my family and friends is everything to me. Because they are people who I can talk to about anything and everything with them. They are the most supportive, loudest, and the most generous group of people whom I love and adore and are so grateful for them.

Student Life Staff

Gabriela Martinez Ruiz [Editor]

I am the editor of Student Life. I took journalism to try and better my writing skills. It's important to me to know what's going on in my community. I am currently a senior at Highline. I do dance outside of school. I enjoy spending time with my dog Bruno.

Andrea Talamantes [Social Media Coordinator]

My name is Andrea Talamantes and I am the social media coordinator of Pirates Anchor. I am 17 years old and a senior at Highline High school. I joined Journalism I truly enjoy being involved in the school and getting to write about it for other students to read. I am co-captain on the schools drill/dance team and this is my third year being on the team. In my free time I enjoy bullet journaling as well as watching videos related to bullet journaling or any crafts. Something I value a lot are my relationships with the people around me, whether that be my family, friends or teachers.

Arlene Avendano

I am one of the staff writers in the category of Student Life. I am a 15 year old sophomore at Highline High School. I enjoy being in Journalism but it can sometimes be stressful at times. This is my second year at highline. I enjoy attending sporting events because I can support my friends that are playing and I get to spend time with friends. I have two siblings. One 19 year old sister soon to be 20 in December and a 2 year old brother soon to be 3 years old in February.

Ifrah Hudle

I am currently a staff writer for student life. I am a senior at Highline. Being apart of Journalism is important to me because I get to be part of the Highline community. I really enjoy writing for the Pirates Anchor because it lets me express myself in writing. I work after school at a senior living home in Bellevue. My hobbies are writing, reading and doing makeup. One fun fact about me is that I broke both my arms and majority of my toes.

Student Life


Shannon Dowdy

I am the advisor of the Pirate’s Anchor and the Journalism teacher here at Highline. I have been teaching here for eight years and I am a Burien resident. Journalism is important to me because young people need a source of information that is produced by people their age. Additionally, a free press is important to a democratic nation and for people to be involved and informed about their community.  I really enjoy attending club and sporting events to see students doing what they love outside of an academic environment. I also have started boxing in the last two years and really love how active it is and how supportive the coaches are. I have a wonderful dog who is 14 years old and his name is Anny. The family that lives close is my aunt and we usually have dinner on Sundays.