The Pirate's Anchor Editing Team and Advisor

Sports Staff

Jakob Vanderflute

Jakob is a senior at HHS. He was a player on the HHS football team for all four years of his high school career. He likes his corn on the cob. 

Yuan Granil


Angel Haney

Gabriela Martinez [Editor]

B-Town Life Staff

Raymond Mercado [Editor]

My name is Raymond Mercado I am a senior here at Highline. I don’t really participate in any Highline clubs or sports. My hobbies consist of playing video games and going out to the mall and do nothing. I also like dogs.

Esmeralda Bonilla

Andrea Talamantes

My name is Andrea Talamantes I’m a junior at highline. I am part of the school’s Drill team and I love bullet journaling.

Keeping Up With Highline Staff

Evaya McAfee-Coe [Editor]

I’m in the 11th grade. At Highline, I’m junior class president, a member of the Young Womxn’s Activist Club, and Younglife. One thing I like about journalism is the bond between the news site staff that has grown since school started.

Gabriela Martinez

My name is Gabriela Martinez. I'm in 11th grade. I do dance outside of school and love dogs. I joined journalism because I wanted to branch out and try new writing styles.

Jalen Robbins

My name is Jalen Robbins and I am a senior. I do not attend in any activities or sports at school. I took journalism because I thought it sounded interesting writing about topics going on in the community or the controversy going on in the school.

Britt Sloan

I’m Brittany Sloan, I’m in the 11th grade. I play softball for SeaTac Storm and work at Sizzler at Southcenter. I like being able to report and provide different perspective(s) on stuff going on.

Student Life Staff

Jaden Gaalema [Editor]

My name is Jaden Gaalema and I’m a senior. I don’t participate in any activities or sports associated with Highline, but I do play volleyball outside of school. I play for a private club outside of school: Ohana Dakine Volleyball. I’ve been playing for about four years now. As for other activities, I don’t participate in any Highline activities besides the school newspaper. I took the Journalism class without knowing I would be thrusted into being part of the newspaper, or even an editor for that matter. However, that’s not say I don’t enjoy the class or the concept. I wanted to take the class because I thought learning the basics of journalism would be a useful skill in the future, as well as a new and fun experience. And, what better way to learn than a little on-the-job training?

Faye Yang [Photo Editor]

My name is Faye Yang and I am a senior at Highline High School. I have been in the Highline drama department for four years and I have participated in competitions as a representative for Highline. I love acting, singing, and dancing. Though, I am not good at any of those things. Getting that bread with every paycheck I get from working at Starbucks. My favorite drink is a nice, refreshing Strawberry Acai. I chose to be part of journalism because I wanted to write about Highline and tell people the things about Highline that they don’t really see. I also wanted to inform more people about our drama department and encourage more people to join!

Kevin Barragan

I am a senior student of the Highline High School and participate in the journalism class and taking pictures for the school newspaper. The reason why I joined the journalism class is for a dream;  to be a reporter and give information about our day to day lives. One of my hobbies is talking with my friends, using my cellphone, and helping my team. In addition, I like learning from Ms. Dowdy.


Ja'Korey Taylor

My name is Jakorey I usually participate in the Highline High School plays. I like acting and I will be the most famous actor. You will see me in three years in a giant multi-million dollar movie. I'm doing journalism because I needed a writing credit and this sounded cooler than creative writing. Journalism is a pretty fun class it is usually very loud and everyone has pretty big personalities. Dowdy is pretty chill. I wanted to do  the student life section because I like talking to people and I thought the whole process would be full of interviewing students and no writing but there's still a lot of writing.

Giovanny Tinoco Calderon


Shannon Dowdy