What We Know About Solidarity Day

A Highline High School student wrote the following article. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of Highline Public Schools or Highline High School. 

What We Know About Solidarity Day
Jaden Gaalema

Coming this Friday, May 3, a new event has been planned for Highline students, Solidarity Day. This particular day has been set aside in hopes of contributing to Highline’s desire to create a culture the students can rally behind and offer support to students who feel they need more reassurance that the school stands with them.The specific goals that the day intends to achieve is to allow the students’ voices to be heard, encourage the role of student leaders, bring Highline’s community closer, and to create more opportunities for Highline to strengthen a positive culture.

During this Solidarity Day there will be groups of mixed students discussing various topics regarding the desire to strengthen the community, the injustices that they’ve experienced, and  what actions they’d like to see towards change. It is also important to note that, to reaffirm the desire to promote student leadership, the workshops will be facilitated by student facilitators.

These students will be trained in how to lead the workshops in a productive, supportive manner. These students will learn how to facilitate conversations among the other students as well as offer assistance during activities. An adult will also be present should the need arise for another aid during the activities.

If any students would like to sign up to facilitate during the Day of Solidarity, they may sign up with their teachers or send an email to michaela.raikes@highlineschools.org

If students cannot attend the training or miss it, they may email Michaela Raikes for further assistance.