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Mayor Jimmy Matta, Responds to Letters Distributed Around Burien

A Highline High School student wrote the following article. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of Highline Public Schools or Highline High School. 

Mayor Jimmy Matta, Responds to Letters Distributed Around Burien
Shannon Dowdy

Mayor Jimmy Matta's Press Conference to Denounce, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and Hate

On January 28, there was a letter that was posted at several businesses that was distributed by the so-called New Black Panther Party (the actual Black Panther Party said that there is no affiliation and this group may not even exist.) That stated that they are a militant modern day expression of black power and that encourages violence against many different groups of people and that they are afraid of changes due to increased immigration and go on to say how they want to replace the members of the Burien City Council that voted to have Burien become a sanctuary city.

Today, there was a press conference promoting a proclamation called the Diversity and Inclusion Proclamation here is a excerpt from the proclamation:

WHEREAS, all human beings deserve to live in dignity, free from violence, bigotry, and discrimination; and

WHEREAS, the City of Burien has a commitment to eliminate disparities based on race, gender, and sexual orientation.

WHEREAS, the City of Burien strives to raise up all voices, achieve equity and social justice.

This is to show support to marginalized communities in Burien that face discrimination in the city by saying that this type of behavior, like the behavior the New Black Panther demonstrated, will not be tolerated in the city. This proclamation was brought up before in a city council meeting to make this proclamation official but wasn’t passed because there was a six person council due to the absence of  Pedro Olguin, one of the council members. There was a vote with three in favor and three opposed to the proclamation. After the press conference there was a special business meeting held that same night where the proclamation was discussed once more and became official.