Highline’s New 9th Grade ASB Officers

A Highline High School student wrote the following article. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of Highline Public Schools or Highline High School. 

Highline’s New 9th Grade ASB Officers
Jaden Gaalema

On October 23rd and 24th, Highline High School’s 9th grade class elected their ASB officers for this year. Though these officers were supposed to be elected the previous year at Sylvester Middle School, we were informed by Kevin Hernandez, our ASB and Activities Director, that Sylvester did not hold elections for the future 9th grade ASB officers. To compensate for the missing election, a separate election was planned to determine the officers, drawing their candidates from current freshmen. However, there was only one candidate who applied for each office, resulting in all candidates running unopposed.

The new 9th grade ASB officers are Moriah Togi(president), Kathleen Nguyen(vice-president), Raena Riley(secretary), Inci Lopez(treasurer). We spoke to each of the candidates and asked why they’d like to be in their offices. Mariah Togi said that she wants her classmates to have fun and succeed this year.  Kathleen Nguyen said she wants to help get the students more motivated, involved, and to have the students be there for each other. Raena Riley said that she was interested in ASG, and that she wants to be a part of the group that helps students voices be heard. Finally, Inci Lopez said that she wants to help earn and manage money for ASB so that they can plan events.

There was a plan to have an assembly for the 9th graders, allowing the candidates to make their speeches and introduce themselves to the student body. But according to Kevin Hernandez, it was ultimately cancelled because it seemed unnecessary; it would’ve been too hectic and time consuming to pull students out of class for something that would take very little time to finish. Instead, they held simpler election via a digital ballot. 9th graders then “voted” for their candidates in their advisory classes.