Highline Recommends: Where to Get a Haircut

A Highline High School student wrote the following article. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of Highline Public Schools or Highline High School. 

Highline Recommends: Where to Get a Haircut
Jalen Robbins

There has been some talk of where the best place to get a haircut is. I asked a couple of students around Highline High School to see where they go. Here are their recommendations.

Raymond Roberson cuts hair at his home

11th grader, Eli Mandujano said “Ray Ray Cuts. I like him cutting my hair because his barbershop makes you feel like you are at home and he gives good haircuts.”

12th grader Joseph Munoz said, “I don't know the the name of barbershop but it’s the one right next to Dairy Queen. He’s good because he asks before he does anything. Some barbers cut your hair too short when you ask to only trim a little bit but mine, cuts the right amount.”

12th grader Jacob Naon, “Ray ray cuts is the best. I’m not hearing it. The fact that he takes his time is great. His technique is very precise.”

I personally like going to Cutz Inc.on 1st Ave. because I've been going to that barbershop since my freshman year and I like the way he cuts my hair. He’s not rough when he’s shaving my head like some barbers are. I like the spray he uses after he’s done because it makes my hair smell good. So if you were wondering where to get a fresh haircut those are the places the prices reasonable. Raymond cuts for $15, Ambuam Barbershop and Cutz Inc. cut for $20