Highline Drill Team Goes to State

A Highline High School student wrote the following article. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of Highline Public Schools or Highline High School. 

Highline Drill Team Goes to State
Andrea Talamantes

Drill about to go on for Hip Hop routine

On March 22, the Highline Drill Team competed at the Yakima SunDome for the Dance and Drill State Championships. They qualified to compete in all three routines at districts. They started off the day with competing in Kick and continued on with Hip-Hop after the 40 minute dinner intermission. The Highline Drill Team finished the day with performing last in Military. After Highline performed the judges made their way down for Drill Downs. Sadly, out of the 23 girls on the team none of them made it to the final round.

Drill team just finished their kick routine at State

After Drill Downs everyone made it back to their seats to start the traditional light show and team entrances. Usually the team officers introduce the team with a poster and matching costumes. This years team officers Venus Nguyen (Captain), Stephanie Erickson (Co-Captain), Stephanie Garcia (Co-Captain), and Gisselle Alonzo (Lieutenant) decided to dress up as stereotypical frat boys while the officers from the year before dressed up as old ladies. After all 39 teams were introduced the judges began handing out awards. Sadly, The Highline Drill Team walked away with no trophies this year leaving the girls bummed out. Even though they did not receive a trophy at state they did get 4th in Kick, 5th in Hip-Hop, and 6th in Military.

Drill team on the way to the Sun Dome