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Going Gradeless in AP Lit

A Highline High School student wrote the following article. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of Highline Public Schools or Highline High School. 

Going Gradeless in AP Lit
Brittany Sloan

Starting second semester, Ms.Morgan is going gradeless in her AP Literature classes. This is the first time we are seeing a change like this since the UW English 131 class where one full year counts towards a single grade. It was said this new system is supported by our Co-Principals. Principal Holloway supports the idea in Ms. Morgan’s class that instead of focusing on grades, “it is more or less what standard you have achieved and what you have learned and (how you have) grown.”

“(The way) grades affect  students is almost always negative,” Morgan says while explaining how it can take away from students truly wanting to learn and instead replace this with working for an “easy A”. Morgan explains her own experience in school and says, ”I'm actually not sure I learned anything in school, I´d just turn it (schoolwork) in and never think of it again.” With this being said I too feel the same way and want to see how this will change class dynamics. The main goals of this switch are to remove stress of having grades and shift the focus of the class to trying new things, learning, and overall growth.

Some difficulties that might arise with going gradeless are grade checks for sports, for scholarships, as well as communication with parents on students progress. 

Morgan plans to have monthly meetings with all of her students in order to check in and let them know how they are doing and what they can improve on.

With this change she will now grade students on comprehension of the standards and the evidence we are able to provide from our coursework to decide the grade we deserve, similar to the UW English 131 class.

With this new grading system I am looking forward to seeing how students improve.