April Fools' Day Comes to Highline

A Highline High School student wrote the following article. The views expressed here do not reflect the views of Highline Public Schools or Highline High School. 

April Fools' Day Comes to Highline
Esmeralda Bonilla

On April 1 some teachers pranked their students for April Fools' Day. Additionally, at least one teacher was pranked by unknown culprits. 

The fake Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield letter

Mrs. Leonard pranked her senior AVID class during the last fifteen minutes of class by reading and projecting a letter to her class claiming it was from Superintendent Dr. Susan Enfield. The letter was notifying Highline seniors that due to the snow days in February, graduation was going to be postponed to Saturday, June 22. After reading the letter to her senior class many of them freaked out because they had plans for graduation to be on June 15. After about five minutes of students fretting over what would happen next; Mrs. Leonard announced, “One more thing before you guys head out, APRIL FOOLS!” The senior class was happy to hear that graduation was still going to be held on June 15. Mrs. and Mr. Leonard were laughing and happy they got to prank their senior class.

Mrs. Stanfield also pranked her Visual Art class. When class started she passed out tortillas to her class and explained that they were going to do a project where her students would have to draw their portrait on the tortilla products with charcoal. The Visual Arts class began drawing and complaining because the charcoal did not stay on the tortilla. She then showed her students on the projector an example that said April Fools.

Mr. Binns is missing his couch, but at least he has something

Another prank that happened that day was on at teacher, Mr. Binns. When he walked into his classroom Monday morning, he noticed his couch was missing and was replaced with pink Barbie furniture. There were also 81 pictures of our former principal, Ms. Vicky Fisher that were distributed around his classroom. When we asked Mr. Binns if he had any idea of who would have pranked him, he responded, “I have no idea who could've done this.” We are unaware of the participants for this prank but it was a good prank.

As of Wednesday afternoon, his furniture had not be returned