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The Pirate's Anchor is Highline High School's student run newspaper. Our purpose is to inform the students of Highline High School what is happening on their school campus and in the Burien community and evoke student opinion. The Pirate's Anchor offers four sections of news: B-Town Life, Sports & Clubs, Student Life, and Keeping Up With Highline.

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PI Will Rise 2k19
Yuan Granil

The UPRISE Conference is a day where all Pacific Islanders UNITE as ONE to be POWERFUL together. This year’s conference was held at Highline College on October 26th, hosting high schools from Tacoma, Federal Way, Tukwila, Burien, Des Moines, and more. The theme for this year’s Pacific Islander Conference is ATANIJO, meaning “Launching the canoe as one.” 

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No Coach? No Cheer Team? No Way.
Andrea Talamantes

Last week on October 30, the Highline Cheer Team learned that they no longer had a coach. The girls arrived to practice at Olympic at 5:30 in the morning like usual, but their coach was not the one waiting for them. Our Athletic Director Lori Box was waiting for the girls to arrive to let them know the news.  

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Sports & Clubs
Marilyn Bertrand Gomez

How would you feel having to go to a different school to practice? And have practice start later? I know some of you may be wondering where winter sports will take place this year since our current gyms at the new school are too small to practice in. Winter sports consists of girls and boys wrestling, boys and girls basketball, boys swim and dive, girls gymnastics. 

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Keeping Up with Highline
Marilyn Bertrand Gomez

I decided to start interviewing students around the Highline Campus and ask them a few questions about themselves. I met an ELL student whom I wanted to get to know better because he had an interesting story. This person wanted to stay anonymous because of personal reasons.

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B-Town Life
Coleman Pedersen

Five-hundred-twenty seven years ago an explorer sailed the great Atlantic aboard the Niña with promises of unimaginable wealth for the Kingdom of Spain. On October 14th, Christopher Columbus opened a Pandora’s Box when he was the second European to step foot on the Americas, a land which was inhabited by around ten million people with their own unique lifestyles.

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Editorial: Racist Costumes for Sale?
Hunter Ta

Halloween is just around the corner and there are plenty of pop up Halloween costume stores opening; Halloween is the time for people to dress up and have fun, but problems arise when the costumes represent harmful stereotypes of others,  dressing up as Indigenous peoples and black face are just a few examples of racist and discriminating costumes.

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First Ever Asian Student Union
Yvan Granil

Highline High School has begun the very first Asian Student Union Club. This is the first Asian centered club in the entire history of Highline High School. Since the Asian community is growing in the school, students thought of having a support group and a safe place for students who identify as Asian.

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Sports & Clubs
Yvan Granil

Highline High School has a lot of clubs. The one that shines out the most is Key Club. Mr.Salvatori is the advisor of the club, there are other roles that are being fulfilled by students. Yennhi Nguyen as the President of the club, Penelope Phan as Vice President, Ashlee Stacy as the Secretary of the group, Michelle Cao as our Treasurer, Helen Te as an Editor, Marissa Paule as a Public Relation and Yuan Granil as our Webmaster.

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Keeping Up with Highline
Monserrat Gonzalez Translated by: Gibran Nava Vazquez

The Chicano Club started from something very different. At first, Valeria and I had decided to join the Latino Club. from the first time we stepped into Latino Club there were a lot of new people and old members. They started saying they were going to make elections for president with my friends were telling me to run for since they said that anybody either new or not could run for. 

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Highline's 96th Annual Homecoming Assembly
Andrea Talamantes

The 96th annual Homecoming assembly was held in Olympics gym. It was divided into two assemblies. The first assembly was filled with mainly lowerclassmen while the second assembly was primarily upperclassmen. Both assemblies followed the same program, although there were a few things that were modified for the second assembly. This year there were a variety of performances ranging from singing, dancing and even magic. 

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