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The Pirate's Anchor is Highline High School's student run newspaper. Our purpose is to inform the students of Highline High School what is happening on their school campus and in the Burien community and evoke student opinion. The Pirate's Anchor offers four sections of news: B-Town Life, Sports & Clubs, Student Life, and Keeping Up With Highline.

Latest Headlines

Keeping Up with Highline
Marilyn Gomez

A couple teachers at Highline High School are pregnant or were recently pregnant. Ms. Hinderlie currently just had her baby on December 9, 2019. She named him Easton Paul Hinderlie. Ms. Ullmer’s baby is on the way and she said she is, “37 weeks into my pregnancy and have three more weeks to go!” She is very excited and can’t wait.

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Athlete Highlight: Graham Luethe
Yuan Granil

It is that time for winter sports. The sports for this season are men’s and women’s basketball, wrestling, women’s gymnastics, men’s swim and dive. Each sport’s team has a lot of talented players. Specifically for swim and dive, we have Graham Luethe, the sophomore and second year swimmer here at Highline. Graham has “always enjoyed the sport” since he was young according to our interview. 

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Sports & Clubs
Yvan Granil

With Duke University being the 1st seed in the NCAA Tournament they took an upsetting loss to Stephen F. Austin with the score of 83-85 after going on overtime with them.

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B-Town Life
Gibran Nava Vazquez

This restaurant is very comfortable for you to go to eat with your family, friends or as couple. The tables and chairs are too cute with figures of Mexican customs and different animals very cute and colorful, people who take your order are very good people are always attentive to what you need they ask you exactly how you prefer your food they try to give you the best attention.

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One Woman's Journey
Ifrah Hudle

In high school we struggle immensely with figuring out what career path we want to take. I believe this story about a young woman from Seattle will inspire students to not give up and keep on pushing. 

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Keeping Up with Highline
Marilyn Bertrand

I heard from a lot of students that Disney+ came out November 12. They were talking about how it consists of childhood shows and movies like Aladdin, The Sleeping Beauty, Lizzie Mcguire The Movie, Wizards of waverly place with etc.

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B-Town Life
Monserrat Gonzalez Translation: Gibran Nava Vazquez

Azteca is a good place to go eat with the family and friends When you enter the restaurant it is very cultural it has pictures hanging and the walls and decorations.

Azteca es un buen lugar para ir a comer con tu familia y tus amigos, cuando tu entras al restaurante es muy cultural tiene pinturas colgando en las paredes y decoraciones culturales.

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Project LIT
Yuan Granil

The Project Lit Community is a  LITeracy movement where a network of teachers and students are committed to increasing access to culturally relevant books and promoting a love of reading in our schools and communities. It is a way to inform students and the community about the importance of reading books that we can deeply relate to. 

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Gymnastics Tryouts
Jada Chase

Monday, November 10th, it was the first day of gymnastics practice. The group has been expanding ever since then. It’s still quite unclear who’s for sure on the team or not, but Coach Tessandore has said he may not be making any cuts this year because he now has three other coaches to help out.

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B-Town Life
Monserrat Gonzalez

Salvamex is a Mexican and Salvadorian restaurant they have everything from tacos to burritos to pupusas. The place is neat; it looks very cultural and welcoming they had pictures hanging of Mexican men and women workers and had different Central American pictures, which are very interesting to look at. 

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2019 Burien Art Market
Hunter Ta

November 16 was the 12th annual Burien Art Market, or BAM, hosted by the Burien Arts Association as an art show and a fundraiser at the Burien Community Center, the event was 4 hours long, from 6 pm to 10 pm. The BAM’s purpose is to support and encourage artists in the community as the money earned from merchandise help fund resources and artists can sell their art there.

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Game Review: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Hunter Ta

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released on May 19th, 2015 by Polish game developer CD Projekt Red to critical acclaim. As the final installment in the Witcher Series, Witcher 3 brought the relatively small company to the limelight as their game topped sales and review charts. The games are a spin-off of Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series of the same name.

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Multi-Cultural Night
Ifrah Hudle

Multi-Cultural Night is an event made to rejoice the many cultures we have in this community,celebrate and apprehend distinct traditions. An extensive range of backgrounds were brought together with food and music. Highline’s Key Club took excellent duty to plan and set out this event. Throughout the months of May through October, they worked hard on making this event a success.

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PI Will Rise 2k19
Yuan Granil

The UPRISE Conference is a day where all Pacific Islanders UNITE as ONE to be POWERFUL together. This year’s conference was held at Highline College on October 26th, hosting high schools from Tacoma, Federal Way, Tukwila, Burien, Des Moines, and more. The theme for this year’s Pacific Islander Conference is ATANIJO, meaning “Launching the canoe as one.” 

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