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Pirate's Anchor

The Pirate's Anchor is Highline High School's student run newspaper. Our purpose is to inform the students of Highline High School what is happening on their school campus and in the Burien community and evoke student opinion. The Pirate's Anchor offers four sections of news: B-Town Life, Sports & Clubs, Student Life, and Keeping Up With Highline.

Latest Headlines

Keeping Up with Highline
Yuan Granil

“It’s DEVASTATING.” All year long, student-athletes have been waiting for spring sports to happen. All the tennis matches, track meets, softball, baseball, and soccer games all ending before the whole season even started. As you may know, the governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee, has announced that schools will be closed for the rest of the school year due to the pandemic. Meaning, no more school extracurricular activities happening. 

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Student Life
Marilyn Bertrand

I know most of you are tired from being at home because there’s nothing to do and honestly we all feel the same. But there’s definitely a lot of things you could be doing right now to pastime and not be bored. Here is what a  couple of Highline students are doing to keep busy during this quarantine. 

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Bus Dilemma at Highline High School
Marilyn Bertrand

These past few weeks  Bus 53 has not arrived to pick up Highline students at the PAC.This has been an ongoing problem at Highline. I personally take the bus and I have to be dropped off now due to not having enough buses to transport kids to school. Lately the after school bus, 88,only takes about 75% of the students back to the PAC and the rest have to wait until the bus comes back to pick them up.

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First Annual Asian Culture Festival
Yuan Granil

Many of us did not celebrate Valentine’s Day with that one special someone. However, we  spend it with our loved ones. On February 14th, 2020; Highline’s Asian Student Union and Foster’s Asian Student Association collaborated together for the 1st annual Asian Cultural Festival. This event was filled with many people from the Asian continent along with others around the world. It was a space that welcomed everyone, and educated everyone about the Asian culture.

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B-Town Life
Hunter Ta

Released on December 4th, 2019. 1917 takes the audience on a horrific and thrilling journey as the movie follows Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay) and Lance Corporal Blake(Dean-Charles Chapman) on their mission to prevent a massacre in the midst of a war ravaged France. Sam Mendes (director and writer) focused on the realistic depiction of World War I and intense action.

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Keeping Up with Highline
Andrea Talamantes

This year's junior class officers are planning prom and they created a survey asking the junior and senior class which theme they like the best. The theme options were Floral, Great Gatsby, Greek, Out of this world (Space), and Under the Stars. 

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Keeping Up with Highline
Alondra Soledad-Carreon

On Wednesday, February 5,  all tenth grade students went on a field trip to many different career sites. The sites were:UW college of the Environment, UW School of Medicine, UW School of Law, King County Wastewater Treatment Center, Ignite - Microsoft visitor’s center, Bloodworks Northwest, Starbucks support center, Renton Tech, Port of Seattle.

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Sports & Clubs
LJ Faletogo

Winter sports here at Highline are coming to an end, which means that spring sports are nearing a start. Basketball is at the end of their season and with that comes off-season workouts. This year over in White Center there is a basketball team starting up called, Evergreen Select.

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Keeping Up with Highline
Brittany Sloan

Starting second semester, Ms.Morgan is going gradeless in her AP Literature classes. This is the first time we are seeing a change like this since the UW English 131 class where one full year counts towards a single grade. It was said this new system is supported by our Co-Principals.

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Sports & Clubs
L.J. Faletogo

This year the Super Bowl took place in Miami, Florida. Where the Kansas City team played the San Francisco 49ers. The teams faced each other with a record of (15-4). Kansas City ultimately ended up beating the 49ers, 31-20. 

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Asian Cultural Festival
Yuan Granil

One of the biggest events this year is being hosted by Highline High School’s Asian Student Union together with Foster High School’s Asian Student Association; the Asian Cultural Festival will be held at our very own school on Friday 14th from 4PM - 6PM. The event will have food, performances, and games.

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Student Life
Ifrah Hudle

Here at Highline High School we have a program dedicated to helping boys grow into becoming  men of integrity in society. Becoming a Man is a program that not only helps them become men but gives them a sense of direction that they may not have had before. 

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Teacher Profiles: Mr. Ruby
Ifrah Hudle

Teachers don't get the appreciation that they deserve. We wanted to acknowledge one of the teachers at Highline High School that make school a better place for students. Mr. Ruby teaches AP World History, Civics, and AVID. Mr.Ruby has been at Highline High School for four years but he's been with the district for six years.

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Sports & Clubs
Yvan Granil

This school year has been filled with a lot of moving and with new stuff. One of those being are the new coaches for both boys and girls basketball. Focusing on our girls basketball, our new coaches are Michelle Montgomery (Varsity Coach) and Kelsey Abrejera (Junior Varsity Coach). 

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