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Website Evaluation Checklist

Use this form to help you determine the credibility of information found on websites.

Research Tracking Form

Use this form to help you take notes and keep track of your sources while you research. It also has examples on how to cite both primary and secondary sources using MLA style.

Primary Sources

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

A collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use. Includes sourcebooks for Ancient History, Medieval, Modern History and more.

Library of Congress – Primary Source Sets

Has over 30 sets of “ready to use” PDFs and MP3 files of primary sources on specific topics. Sets include Abraham Lincoln, Japanese Internment, the Dustbowl, the Harlem Renaissance, Mexican American Migrations and Communities, and many more. Each set also includes a teacher’s guide with useful background information.

National Archives

Contains thousands of primary source documents spanning the course of American history. Keyword searchable to find written documents, images, maps, charts, graphs, audio and video.

World Digital Library

A good option for those looking for digital primary sources for world history and culture? Browse by part of the world, time period or keyword search for something specific.