Highline High School
225 South 152nd Street

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Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Highline High School
225 South 152nd Street

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School Profile

School Overview

Highline High School traditionally runs on a 6-period day.  Students take six classes a day, five days a week with two 18-week terms.  They attend an Advisory class two times a week for 35 minutes per class.  Students earn 1.0 credit for each year-long class.  Some classes are 18 weeks long (one semester) for which students can earn .5 credit.  Students can also earn .25 credit per year for Advisory.  A total of 6.25 credits can be earned each year. As Juniors and Seniors, students can take College classes through the Running Start Program as well as Career and Technical classes at Puget Sound Skills Center.

For the 2020-21 school year, Highline High School is running on a 3-period day. Students take 3 virtual classes a day, four days week for four, 9-week terms. Classes are 85 minutes long. Students attend an Advisory class two times a week for 30 minutes per class. Students earn .5 credit for each quarter-long class. Students can also earn .125 credit per quarter for Advisory.

Grading System

In March of 2020, we switched from a traditional A, B, C, D, F (no + or -) system to an A, B, C, NC/IP (no (+ or - ) system. A 4-point GPA is computed cumulatively at the end of each grading term. GPAs are not weighted, and Class Rank is not calculated.

A 4.0
B 3.0
C 2.0
D 1.0
F 0.0
NC No Credit

Incomplete/In Progress

P/S Passing or satisfactory credit, but no grade points
U Unsatisfactory, no credit


Association of Educational School Districts, 2015